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We also provide these services


Software Services

Every company has software that every once in a while is a pain.  At Ocean State Software we work hard to make sure your companies software investments are working and working well.  We ensure that our technical support staff are trained on your companies exact needs.  Our tech team can actually program the changes your company needs in record time. From Microsoft to Adobe to serious database systems to Salesforce, the software team at Ocean State has your back.


IT Support

It always seems that at the wrong time a major computer problem pops up and that is where we shine.  We know how to bird dog down a network issue or a computer problem and we help to find the solution in record time.  Your time spent on getting us on the phone, and allowing us to assist is well work the investment in IT support. At Ocean State Software, we know how to fix things, you see, we hire people who do nothing but do just that, fix things.  We know how frustrating it is when your on deadline and something breaks on your computer or your network.  So, take a moment and let our team explain what we do, and how we do it for others.  .


Website and Graphic

“We need a new look on our website” is what our customers say to us, so often, that around the design team water cooler we have a term for it.  Let someone from our design team tell you how we begin to look carefully at what your website is showcasing.  Website design and social media implementation is in our wheelhouse and we shine on getting your company a new fresh look.  From simple website “re-do’s” or new “skins” to complex design jobs with  new logos and letterhead, new social media “decks” to complex database engineering, we do it all and do it under one roof.  Get in touch with us and be surprised at the kinds of work we do, and how competitive our pricing is today.

We are Ocean State Software, We Design the Future

A long time ago, our president came up with the idea of all tech under one roof with one place to call, from IT support, to design support, to simple “I’m ok, your ok” tech meetings online to make sure our clients are doing it right when it comes to the internet.  We know small business owners have tons of other problems to concentrate on and we know that if we bring a solution to their internet corporate enhancement (ICE) we take a load off their shoulders.